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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Eylelashes for Nonsuperstars

If you are a non superstar and you want long eyelashes, this tutorial is for you. Every item used can be found at Splendid and each one costs 3 sd.

To start, my doll has ABSOLUTELY no makeup on. When your doll is like that, you can barely see her eyes from a distance. And when you're a non superstar, you aren't able to buy makeup for your doll. So now you have to use fake lashes.

First I used the smallest eyelashes. They can be found at the very top row on the last page in the category "Eyewear." I put them on my eyes. Its okay if part of the fake lashes is on the whites of your dolls eyes. Unfortuneatly, it's not going to fit perfectly.
Now take the second smallest eyelashes. They are on the same page but in the second row. Put them on your eyes. Again, these will not fit perfectly, so its okay if some of the lash gets on the whites of your eyes.

Finally, take the biggest eyelashes which are called "Fake Eyelashes" And put them onto your eyes. These don't fit perfectly either, but these ones are big enough to cover up the other lashes being on the whites. Heres my finished look (no touchups):

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it helped you. Leave a comment because I'd like to hear your feedback!!

Take cares,

-Heather ♥


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